Mens fashion and style inspirations in Miami FL

Men’s Fashion and Style Inspirations

There are very few things that can match the perfection of a fine bespoke suit that has been made to measure. When you wear a quality suit precisely tailored to your personal measurements, it makes you look and feel your best, which effortlessly translates into better posture, increased confidence, and a feeling of supreme well-being. The remarkable extent to which this is true simply cannot be fully understood until you have personally experienced it.

As South Florida’s premier location for bespoke European men’s clothing, Pepi Bertini provides exactly that. Perhaps you already own some fine bespoke shirts, but have not yet taken the leap to move beyond off-the-rack suits. A bespoke suit shouldn’t be thought of as just another purchase, but an investment. Whether you want it for business or dressing up to go out on the town, your suit says a lot about you, and dictates to a large degree how people treat you. Just like with any other investment, your suit should be cared for and maintained. When it comes to hanging up your suit, a sculpted hanger with some thickness and form to it is best.

Style Like No Other

In Miami and the other great cities of the world, people have a keen eye for what is just okay, and what represents true quality, like the one-of-a-kind menswear experience you get at Pepi Bertini. We make it our mission to create only the best custom-made European-style suits, and the process is a two-way street.

Once you see the care and detail our expert couturiers put into designing and making your suit, you will find that you too pay more detail and attention to your appearance and being and looking your best. The old saying that ‘the clothes make the man’ is an expression for a reason, but the man first has to decide to invest in himself.

Your Experience at Pepi Bertini

When you arrive for your fitting, you will be measured comprehensively, from your collar to your arms, torso, and inseam. These will be used to make patterns by a pattern cutter, which will then be used to cut the cloth for your suit. We will have an extensive discussion with you about the design and material you wish to use for your bespoke clothing. There are many factors that distinguish bespoke clothing from off-the-rack suits, including the weight of material and the season the suit is primarily intended for. A spring suit may use a light fabric while heavier materials like tweed are good for colder climates. Often a medium-weight fabric is chosen to make your suit fit for all occasions.

Suit Jacket Styles

A big part of what makes a suit is the design and cut of the suit jacket. The most common style is the single-breasted jacket that comes together at the front and which typically has two buttons. You can either leave the jacket unbuttoned or button up the top button only. A slightly more formal variation is to have three buttons in which case you would button the middle and top buttons, always leaving the bottom button undone. A more casual modern style is the single button jacket that is usually of a body-hugging slim-fit design with small lapels, and which is always worn with the button done up unless seated.

Or you could go for a double-breasted jacket, which has more fabric that overlaps from left to right. They feature large peak lapels that point up to the shoulders which are made to look broad. In a business setting, a double-breasted suit with a bold wide pinstripe is sure to be noticed.

Defining Details

You will also get to choose the small details, such as the buttons used, and the lapel and pocket style. This may seem unimportant, but these details will make your suit, and make you stand out from the crowd. The choice of pocket style can have a subtle, but powerful effect on the look of your suit. Patch and ticket style pockets are the most popular, and you can go with an angled pocket if you want a more edgy style. If you’re going for maximum formality, a jetted pocket is best, and is the standard style used on tuxedos. Other details to consider are sleeve buttons and the lining used, with a full lining adding more weight to the suit and making it more insulating.

Men’s Style in Miami

Whatever style of suit you are seeking in Miami, Pepi Bertini can deliver the custom suit you’ve always wanted with a fit that feels and looks better than anything you can find elsewhere. What matters is the quality of the material, the experience of the couturier, and the personal investment of the person wearing the suit to seek out a custom fit that will last for years to come.

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