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How to Customize Your Suit to Stand Out in Miami

If you have already discovered the joy of a fine made-to-measure suit, but feel everything in your wardrobe is rather conventional, why not get one that’s a little different? There are many different kinds of suits depending on cut, material, and color. If you’re new to custom men’s suits, then you are about to get a treat way beyond anything you’ve ever found on a rack. Read more

Color palettes and patterns for the sophisticated man in Miami. FL

Color Palettes & Patterns for The Sophisticated Man

Heading into the New Year, men’s suit trends are taking an exciting turn. Gone are the days when basic black and grey were the only options for a stylish, classy look. For menswear trends, 2018 is the year of bold colors and print experimentation. Suits are popping up in unique shades and patterns that are adding an element of fun, with plenty of creative color palettes to try.

Here is a suit color guide that includes five of the best suit colors and patterns making a splash in the world of men’s high-end fashion.

Monochromatic White

The list starts off with one of the most dramatic of the looks, a head-to-toe white style that is sure to turn heads. This is a look that works well with custom-made pieces, so a designer can help you choose matching shades of white to design a custom look, as well as a variety of textures to add interest.

Ultra Violet Purple

The 2018 Pantone Color of the Year, this deep plum purple is a sophisticated but edgy shade that adds personality to any look. If you want an understated look, incorporate it as a dress shirt under a black suit jacket; or to really make a stylish statement, go with a full, fitted suit in this eggplant hue.

Unexpected Pinstripes

A pinstriped suit is a classic look, but 2018 is turning that style on its head and relocating pinstripes to unexpected places. Many of the newest men’s custom suits are including a few pinstripes on the sleeves of an otherwise solid jacket for just a touch of something different.

Classic Houndstooth

Houndstooth isn’t anything new; but now, the fashion-forward are wearing a larger houndstooth pattern in a full suit for a unique but classy look. Keep your shoes simple and make sure you have a well-fitted suit to make this look work.

Visit Pepi Bertini

If you’re ready to jump into the world of stylish experimentation, your first step should be to work with an experienced clothier to create a custom look. A professional, upscale boutique like Pepi Bertini, leading maker of men’s suits in Miami, can help you create the perfect look. Request your appointment today, and make 2018 your year.


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How to tell if your shirt fits correctly Pepi Bertini

Ways to Know Your Shirt Doesn’t Fit Correctly

Unlike shoes, it can be hard to tell if your dress shirt fits you the way it should. While it’s easy to pick a size from Small to XL, that doesn’t mean the shirt will fit the way it should. Indeed, men’s bodies aren’t cookie-cutter shapes and a Medium shirt that fits one guy like a glove might hang loose on another man of a similar size. That is why it is important to know how to find a dress shirt that fits perfectly, and the best way to do it is to start by choosing custom shirts that are tailored to your precise dimensions.

Untuck It

How to tell if your shirt fits correctly Pepi Bertini

One of the easiest ways to tell if a shirt is too large is to wear it untucked. If it extends down to your lower thighs or your knees, it is simply too large.

Don’t Forget the Jacket

How to tell if your shirt fits correctly Pepi Bertini

Another way to tell is to take a close look at the sleeves after you have worn a sports coat. If you remove the jacket, and the sleeves are wrinkled, it is a sign that the sleeves are too long and are getting bunched up.

Check Your Chest

How to tell if your shirt fits correctly Pepi Bertini

Finally, while wearing the shirt, pull the fabric at the buttons away from the chest. It shouldn’t move more than an inch or so. If it moves any further, it is an indication that the shirt is too large. A well-fitting shirt should always be able to touch the chest. 

Conversely, it is relatively easy to tell if a shirt is too small. If you have to suck your gut in to affix buttons, if the cuff of the shirt doesn’t extend to slightly beyond the wrist, or if the fabric beneath the armpits or neck crimps and pinches – then the shirt is too small.

So, What is a Perfect Fitting?

How to tell if your shirt fits correctly Pepi Bertini

  • The seams of the shoulders are at the top of the shoulder
  • The collar closes with room for two fingers
  • The chest feels snug but not constrained
  • The sleeves extend to slightly beyond the wrist
  • The sleeves don’t hang loose
  • The waist tapers inwards
  • The shirt length extends to the back pockets

We have spent our lives crafting custom shirts that fit our clients’ shape and style perfectly. When it comes to custom menswear, we assure you that we will create bespoke shirts for you that are the most comfortable garments you have ever worn. We invite you to contact us to schedule an appointment and discover the comfort and stunning appearance that custom-fit shirts offer.