How to tell if your shirt fits correctly Pepi Bertini

Ways to Know Your Shirt Doesn’t Fit Correctly

Unlike shoes, it can be hard to tell if your dress shirt fits you the way it should. While it’s easy to pick a size from Small to XL, that doesn’t mean the shirt will fit the way it should. Indeed, men’s bodies aren’t cookie-cutter shapes and a Medium shirt that fits one guy like a glove might hang loose on another man of a similar size. That is why it is important to know how to find a dress shirt that fits perfectly, and the best way to do it is to start by choosing custom shirts that are tailored to your precise dimensions.

Untuck It

How to tell if your shirt fits correctly Pepi Bertini

One of the easiest ways to tell if a shirt is too large is to wear it untucked. If it extends down to your lower thighs or your knees, it is simply too large.

Don’t Forget the Jacket

How to tell if your shirt fits correctly Pepi Bertini

Another way to tell is to take a close look at the sleeves after you have worn a sports coat. If you remove the jacket, and the sleeves are wrinkled, it is a sign that the sleeves are too long and are getting bunched up.

Check Your Chest

How to tell if your shirt fits correctly Pepi Bertini

Finally, while wearing the shirt, pull the fabric at the buttons away from the chest. It shouldn’t move more than an inch or so. If it moves any further, it is an indication that the shirt is too large. A well-fitting shirt should always be able to touch the chest. 

Conversely, it is relatively easy to tell if a shirt is too small. If you have to suck your gut in to affix buttons, if the cuff of the shirt doesn’t extend to slightly beyond the wrist, or if the fabric beneath the armpits or neck crimps and pinches – then the shirt is too small.

So, What is a Perfect Fitting?

How to tell if your shirt fits correctly Pepi Bertini

  • The seams of the shoulders are at the top of the shoulder
  • The collar closes with room for two fingers
  • The chest feels snug but not constrained
  • The sleeves extend to slightly beyond the wrist
  • The sleeves don’t hang loose
  • The waist tapers inwards
  • The shirt length extends to the back pockets

We have spent our lives crafting custom shirts that fit our clients’ shape and style perfectly. When it comes to custom menswear, we assure you that we will create bespoke shirts for you that are the most comfortable garments you have ever worn. We invite you to contact us to schedule an appointment and discover the comfort and stunning appearance that custom-fit shirts offer.

Mens wedding suits in Miami

How to Personalize Your Wedding Style with a Custom Suit

Your wedding day represents the start of your new journey as lifelong partners. It is a joyous occasion; an opportunity to celebrate and relax with friends and family. Wearing a custom wedding suit allows you to show off your personal sense of style while wearing a garment that will fit comfortably. 

Choosing the Right Suit

Mens wedding suits in Miami

When choosing custom wedding suits, most men opt for the sharp lines and elegant appearance of the traditional tuxedo. However, choosing a tuxedo is more than just black and white – many clients choose to highlight their personal sense of style and incorporate wedding themes and colors. From the lining to the lapel and the cummerbund to the cufflinks, we’re happy to help transform your ideas into a fashionable reality.

Make Your Wedding Party the Best Dressed Too

Mens wedding suits in Miami

Of course, a wedding is more than just a tuxedo or suit for the groom. It is also an opportunity to dress your best man, groomsmen, father, and father-in-law in suits for the celebration. This creates continuity in the wedding party and helps bring everyone just a little bit closer. It also brings a little extra sparkle to the spectacular wedding photos.

When crafting tailored wedding suits, we work with each individual to ensure that the ties, vests, shirts and other accessories provide the perfect complement to the dresses, bows and accessories chosen by the bride for her dress, as well as the outfits of the maid of honor and bridesmaids. This creates a cohesive ambiance that reaches across the aisle and serves as a beautiful backdrop that frames the ceremony.

How We Get Your Wedding Suit Just Right

Mens wedding suits in Miami

Quality and comfort are critical elements when designing bespoke suits. The suit must be carefully constructed and reinforced to allow for easy movement from the walk down the aisle to the toast and the tango. In order to ensure the best fit and optimized comfort, we also consider the time of day and season of the wedding and recommend fabrics and cuts that provide for maximum comfort for the season.   

We invite you to contact us to learn more about the tailored wedding suits we can create. Whether you want a traditional, modern, or eclectic style, we will be happy to schedule a fitting to design and craft custom wedding suits that fit your needs perfectly.

Look your best this holiday season with bespoke menswear from Pepi Bertini

Looking Your Best For The Holidays

The holiday season is here and while you are getting ready to dress the turkey and deck the halls, be sure that you take some time to dress for the occasions on the calendar. Buying a custom suit is a great way to show off your holiday spirit when you step into the office holiday party or welcome guests into your home to celebrate the season.

Being the Best Dressed Starts with a Quality Custom Suit

Look your best this holiday season with bespoke menswear from Pepi Bertini

The quality of bespoke custom men’s suits is far superior to those found in department stores. A custom suit is entirely your suit – from the first stitch to the last button. Each piece of fabric, and each included feature is carefully chosen to create a suit that is 100 percent unique.

When finished, your suit is an investment in comfort and quality. We take pleasure in crafting bespoke suits for men, which is why we offer only the finest fabrics and utilize only the most reliable sewing techniques. The result is a high-quality suit that fits comfortably and won’t fray or fall apart when it is worn.

Don’t Be Fashionably Late, Schedule Your Suit Ahead of Time

Look your best this holiday season with bespoke menswear from Pepi Bertini

Several appointments are required in order to create custom suits. These appointments allow us to create the perfect balance between form and function for our clients. At each appointment, measurements must be carefully taken and adjustments must be made so that everything fits perfectly when the suit is completed.

It is a process that also involves the discussion and consideration of many options. These include the choice of fabric, the size and style of the lapels, the material and color of the suit lining, buttons, and additional details. The process requires open communication about every element of the suit, and we go over each option with our clients to ensure the finished suit exceeds their expectations.

The Final Touches

Look your best this holiday season with bespoke menswear from Pepi Bertini

Of course, a suit is just a suit without the accessories. When it comes to how to dress for the holidays, no bespoke suit is complete without the finishing touches like shirts, ties and handkerchiefs to match. These items complete the look and create an appearance that reflects your sense of style and the lifestyle you live. Whether matching or contrasting, these elements are the finishing touches that make an outstanding suit look and feel spectacular.

We specialize in men’s custom suits and invite you to schedule an appointment today. We are happy to help you determine how to dress for the holidays and will craft a bespoke suit that meets your needs AND your body, so you can go to your holiday celebrations looking and feeling your best!